About T.L. Tabor

 T.L. Tabor is the author of the Death, Diamonds, And Dirty Socks Tween Series. "After the first three books in this series I just couldn't let these fun characters end there, so the next three books continued on with their surprising summer adventures of figuring out all the hidden magic and cool benefits of inheriting the title of Lord Kentwood III. And even after that, I am again eager to write the next three books in Jarod and Tommy's adventure. It just doesn't seem quite over yet, and I don't want it to end."

T.L. Tabor lives on the Big Island of Hawaii and has been intrigued by the wonder of magic since she was little. She wrote these books for her own daughter who was a voracious reader from a very young age. Her hope is that her readers will find the wonder of that magic in her book series and continue searching for it in their everyday lives as well. "You never really grow up, you just have more say in the fun things you get to do!"